“Vision without action is a daydream
Action without vision is a nightmare”

Ancient Japanese Proverb

Whether dealing with issues in financial performance, market reach, product development or formulating the 3, 5 or 10 year strategic direction for your organisation, Evolve Leadership Group’s strategic management facilitation can serve you to see the required change identified, articulated, mapped out and executed to maximise the potential for organisational transformation.

Evolve Leadership Group has developed the following model to assist its clients to navigate through change successfully and achieve high value strategic growth.

The model asks the right questions to identify the real issues that need to be addressed and develop the best strategies to execute on that find traction.

Strategy Bootcamp

We know that most business leaders struggle to find the time to plan for their long-term success. We also know they prefer to keep their bottom-line in a strong position rather than pay exorbitant consultancy fees. That’s why we empower leaders to lead their businesses with confidence and clarity via our Strategy Bootcamp.

Facilitated over a two-day intensive, our Strategy Bootcamp includes an onsite business review and planning event with two of our Senior Consultants working with you, your leadership team and staff to fast-track your business growth and sustainability.

You and your organisation benefit from this succinct planning event by being able to put a clearly-articulated strategic plan into place to provide direction. Effective mentoring and control tools will be implemented to track your organisation’s progress in reaching identified objectives. By linking staff performance and development with a strategic plan, it will be clear how each role within your business has a direct impact in the achievement of goals.

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