“Culture trumps strategy every time.”

More companies are shifting their focus onto to designing bespoke corporate culture, and preserving them through ongoing development. Why? Culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is entirely within their control.

Once you understand that company culture is truly important to your business’s future (and it’s about to become even more important), you may want to perform a “culture audit.” Essentially, this is a way to evaluate where your culture currently stands, see what (if anything) is missing, and establish a plan to make corrections.


How defined is your company culture?
Where is it defined?
How specifically is it defined, and are these plans available to your new hires?


How would you gauge your employees’ current understanding of your company culture?
Take a poll of your workers.
Do they have reasonable knowledge of your brand values?


Even if your workers understand your culture, they may not enforce it or “live and breathe” it consistently.
How often do you see your team leaders failing to adhere to your ideal culture?
How about your workers?

There is no single rubric for a “correct” company culture—every business is different—but you will need a consistent and strong set of values if you want to remain competitive in the near future. It’s only going to become more important from here.

“The secret weapon for building the best culture is open and honest feedback.”

We help you to create systems that make it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. We enable leaders to make better decisions, demonstrate impact and turn company culture into a competitive edge.

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