Team: Danielle Brewer

Danielle is considered to be a rare find with a special blend of being able to translate processes, dynamically articulate, organize and understand complex systems with the ability to reach out to people and engage them in realizing their potential.

Alongside guiding businesses through process transformation like an ‘Integration Sherpa’ she also has focused experience in strategic onscreen marketing and production.

Her specialized areas of leadership include

Integration Change Management
Project Management
Process and Workflow Analysis
Strategic Marketing Media Production
Live Media Presenting
Communication Skills Training

With a background in human resources and services management in Pharmaceuticals, IT and Not-for-Profit from Paris, London, Sydney and New York has molded her cultural sensibility and fueled her desire to understand the impact and influence of processes in any transformational project. Described as “an atmosphere changer” she excels strong under pressure with the ability to navigate and manage dynamic and political environments to bring about organizational change at both a macro and micro-level.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Western Australia combined with specialized leadership and media production training. This alongside 10 years of experience in local and international corporations has strengthened her strategic transformation and professional communications skillset required to empower others, not just in the boardroom but also out in the field.

Currently based in New York, her fearlessness to be collaborative and find answers, along with her contagious optimism make her a valuable creative and transformational asset.

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