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Keith John

"We engaged Evolve to facilitate a team development retreat for our senior leadership team and whilst I was skeptical of retreats, I was convinced quickly of the power that can come from them. The retreat was engaging, interactive, fun and Glenn’s attention to detail was impressive. We left as a stronger team, with greater insight into how we work together and the benefits have continued on well after the retreat."

Samantha Rae

"In these changing times when there is almost a cult of being busy, the work life balance becomes difficult to juggle. Glenn managed to cut through all the noise and distraction of everyday life, unpack the problems and build us back up with tools and ideas that everyone can use. The whole room was hanging off his every word, they all had an absolute thirst for the clarity that he brought to us. Following on from his session and once he was long gone, the room was super charged with conversations generated by Glenn’s thought provoking session."

James Lush, Founder

"Evolve has the uncanny knack of really understanding our business. They make sure they have a full grasp on what the company is trying to achieve. Only then did they make recommendations for a strategy that will lead to the accomplishment of these goals. As a sounding board Evolve also nails it! So often as a business you are learning as you go - by using Evolve we are able to make sure that our weaknesses are addressed but our strengths are enhanced" planning

"After navigating through the challenges of a global economic crisis, we engaged Evolve to work with us in creating a strategic plan for Go Offshore that would move us forward and see us achieve significant growth. The process was engaging, collaborative and we were left with not only an inspiring picture of our future, but also a clear action plan that will ensure our success. "

6.woman thinking

"This was one of the most challenging but inspiring sessions I have attended. The accuracy of understanding my world and the challenges I face blew me away and I now have some tools to help me. Thanks!"


"I loved this session, Glenn was funny, shared real and relevant experiences, and I now know what I need to do to develop as a leader."

"Glenn's leadership has helped us grow and his mentorship has helped me grow both personally and as a leader. Glenn has helped our board look at governance in a totally different way allowing us to grow as a board and as a company. Glenn has a way of dealing with everything in a very positive and matter of fact manner."

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